Our founder, Vernon P. Chmielewski, has been Activating sponsors, event properties, and his sports business divisions since 1987. During that timeline he has found that the value in activation events increase when the metrics is calculated from sound planning and measure taking strategies. Listed are some of the measurement factors considered when developing the metrics for an activation campaign.

Dashboard Design: our resource Splash Analytics is available to assist us in developing the measurement platform by which we calculate / measure the brand’s return using all forms of accountability. Splash Analytics can execute a deep dive and turn-around results much faster than most in-house analytics’ teams.

Metrics Reporting: Report will offer measurable activation results, and if available add a historical account, activation moments to share, and more.

  • Consumer Reach
  • Brand Relevance
  • Return on Investment
  • Long Term Potential
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Unique Value
  • Amplification


Metrics & Sponsorship Activation Report

(1992) Mr. Chmielewski executed a sponsorship report for the purpose of renewing a Summer Beach Volleyball sponsorship activation with Bud Light / Anheuser Busch. The report delivered:

  • Our consumer reach and distribution metrics for branded wearables and merchandise given, won or sold to Fans;
  • How we presented AB’s relevance to the Fan’s tying Bud Light directly to “having fun playing beach volleyball on Chicago #1 beach”.
  • Presented sales metrics generated by retail sponsors selling Bud Light during after-parties on post league event schedules; Noted multiple new accounts generated when new retail sponsors came on board with us who weren’t AB clients;
  • Our unique selling proposition was we were the club with the largest Fan base producing beach volleyball in Chicago and AB wanted to be on the beach too.
  • We amplified the brand activation generating a back page article with full branding during our volleyball program on North Avenue Beach. The article was posted in the Chicago Sun Times. A major newspaper article back then was golden.

The result was we renewed the sponsorship with Bud Light / Anheuser Busch with a financial increase and expanded the benefits to include all seven (7)  summer sports we were producing and doing activations for.


(1999) Mr. Chmielewski executed a survey on behalf a maritime client, surveying the membership of Meeting Planners International Chicago Chapter. The maritime client desired to learn of how much of a demand for a particular charter service there was and if they would support it. The survey also asked for input on what other services the maritime client could provide to them as clients. The survey generated a 67% return of the surveys with a 86% of those surveyed shared they would consider using the new charter service or added services if the maritime client was to provide them. From the results received, encouraged the maritime client to open a new charter service in 2001 in Chicago using pontoon boats.

(2013) Mr. Chmielewski, while on a masters project with an Ohio University Pro Sports Admin team, worked with the Mountain West Conference to design and execute a basketball championships Fan survey, campaign, and measure the results. Mr. Chmielewski brought in a new technology source to convert the survey from paper to an I-Pad delivery system. He participated on the crew that distributed the survey during championship competition. The new electronic system increased the speed at which Fans could take the survey, and increased the number of survey I-Pads distributed to Fans in a given location without interrupting the Fan’s view of championship games. The extra time generated was dedicated by team members to measure the results and deliver the final report earlier as well.

(2015) Mr. Chmielewski, returned to the Mountain West Conference to execute a new strategic basketball championships Fan survey using a similar electronic delivery system.