B2B with Splash Analytics


Splash Analytics is the perfect fit for sports, music, and businesses who seek ways to solve challenges. Most businesses have a large amount of data they accumulate. The answers to your business problems are in your data. Let’s connect you and Splash Analytics together to learn about your problem and Splash’s service. Please contact Sports Activation Intl or call 773-791-7311 to schedule a telecommunications meeting with Splash Analytics today.

In sports/music at the professional, collegiate, and commercial or non-profit club level all have membership labeled as FANS, season ticket holders, donors, alumni, sponsors, Facebook and Twitter friends, congregation, and loyal followers. SPLASH works with all membership groups.

Manufacturers are on par with food and beverage companies, merchandise companies that would support, sponsor, or who would make or package; and sell their products at any MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, or NHL stadium, Olympic competition, or indoor or outdoor music venue or festival.

Presented are Splash Analytics examples of Summary works and Case Studies they have performed for their clients.

Membership Organizations Summary                  Customer Profile Case Study

Customer Segmentation Summary                       Customer Satisfaction Case Study

Manufacturing Summary                                        Employee Retention Case Study

Healthcare Summary                                               Training Impact Case Study

Let’s set-up a meeting with Splash Analytics today. Contact Sports Activation Intl.