Event Equipment Services

Sports Activation knows having great equipment to work with is key to the success of every brand activation, event property, tour, fundraiser, and sports, music or festival activity.

See our Consulting Service for a quote of everything from small project support and design work to major event/festival management and production service.



Our Wenger Showmobile is an excellent stage brand and can expand up to five (5) different stage configurations to best serve your needs. Call 773-791-7311 for rates for our: Stage, Trucking, Set-Up / Strike team.

  • 32′ w x 8.6′ d
  • 32′ w x 28′ d*
  • 40′ w x 16′ d*              *with extension platforms’
  • 40′ w x 20′ d*
  • 48′ w x 20′ d*


Other stages are available

  • SL320 — 40’x40′ (up to 72′ x 40′)*
  • SL550 — 50’x40′ (up to 90′ x 56′)*           *with extension platforms’  Call for pricing!


Stage Lighting & Sound

We have lighting & sound engineers and equipment who can support any event you have. We have up to 18 light can options with full console and computer analysis system available for your stage needs. Call 773-791-7311 for a quote.

Sport Court Flooring

We have flooring for any branding activity or championship competition: brand showcasing, or sports: volleyball, basketball, roller hockey, and more…Colors – BLUE, BLACKYELLOW, RED.

Brand Activation……….Yes, we can create an event tour using our equipment, and or place your brand or event image on a court.

(4) USA Volleyball Sanctioned – Volleyball Court Flooring Sets
40′ x 70′ (30′ Wide x 60′ Long + 5′ safety clearance all around per court)

Call 773-791-7311 for Pricing


Portable Volleyball Nets

We own and have access to over 100 volleyball net systems. Our systems can be used on sand or grass. Each system includes: boundary lines, rope top & bottom nets, poles with M/F net height adjustments, pole support lines, stakes, and carrying case.

Rental Rate: $75 per system/Day + deposit. Leather outdoor volleyballs: $25/Day + deposit
How many events do you need them for?

park-and-sun-sports-yellow-outdoor-volleyball-set                                beach-volleyball-net-system-i15

Set-Up / Strike Teams

Its not hard to set-up a volleyball net system, but it is logistically challenging to plan and set-up / strike a major volleyball event while you are managing so many other aspects of your event like: darkness, playoff matches, finals match, volunteer management, staffing management, sponsor recognition, awards ceremonies, post event celebrations, and more…Large outdoor events lose track of time, and too often are striking an event in the dark. Darkness ramps up your hassle and increases costs with equipment loss replacement costs. Let our Set-Up /Strike Team handle the most labor intensive part of your event behind your scenes, so you may be at your Best serving your event patrons.

Call 773-791-7311 for a Quote!

Junior Volleyball Club Training Equipment

We have both indoor and beach volleyball Volleyball Training Equipment
Coach’s Training Boxes, Leaper Training Tool, high quality Indoor & Outdoor Volleyballs

Call 773-791-7311 for Quote

Floating Boat Dock System
Create auxiliary FAN activation events or add a FAN Revenue Generator

The latest trend in lake fest events or fests / facilities near water is to host an antique boat show. Most antique boat owners prefer an in-water show and extra boat dock isn’t always available. We have up to 9000 linear feet of floating dock, hardware, floats, ramps available to build a custom temporary dock for any event on an inland lake, calm river, or seaport. Our sister company builds docks and we can recreate what the 2016-2017 Miami Boat Show did and build a temporary marina / show application for you too. Call us at 773-791-7311 so we can learn about your event and offer a quote.